Mark My Words: This Model Will Inspire Everything You Wear in 2020

Maxine Eggenberger

Being a model today is so much more than just honing your walk and looking good in whatever clothes a stylist can throw on you. Personalities prove just as integral to a model's success, and now, they command the same sizeable fanbases as rockstars and actors. And one model who is using her fame and platform for the greater good is Adut Akech.

Our admiration for Adut Akech runs deep. Born in war-torn South Sudan, Adut became a child refugee, living in Kakuma, Kenya's largest refugee camp, before eventually moving to Australia with her family. Adut got her runway break when she was 16 when she was booked to walk in Saint Laurent's spring/summer 2017 show. Since, her career has gone from strength to strength, having covered five Vogue covers in the space of a month and landing a coveted Valentino fragrance campaign.

And now, as a 19-year-old supermodel with the world at her feet and designers queuing around the corner to dress her, she was recently bestowed with the accolade of Model of the Year at the 2019 British Fashion Awards. Taking to the stage, Adut used this opportunity, in-front of every high-profile person in the fashion industry, to shine a spotlight on the need for greater diversity.

"It is important for all of us to remember that someone like me winning this award is a rarity," she said. "This is for the young women and men who found representation and validation in my work. I want them to never be afraid of dreaming big like I once did. To them, I say this: Whatever it is you want to do, whether it's modelling or acting or medicine, you should never doubt yourself. Don't let the world convince you that it is not possible."

Aside from giving impactful speeches, Adut also knows a good outfit when she sees it, as her Instagram feed can attest. With a flair for giving fanciful pieces a cool, off-duty spin, Adut's looks are as endearing as her personality. We, for one, would love to see more role models of Adut's calibre. In the meantime, acquaint yourself with Adut's Akech's style and, if you're not already obsessed with her, you soon will be.

This look is simple but my, it's so effective. 

A tuxedo jacket with ripped jeans? Inspired. 

Over-the-knee boots have never looked cooler than with an oversized Fendi T-shirt. 

Adut is a huge fan of crop tops. For obvious reasons. 

We don't know what we love more—her outfit or on-point model stance?

A neon shirt, ripped skirt and white heels? On anyone else, this look wouldn't work, but on Adut, it's perfection. 

Adut expertly gives her skirt suit an androgynous spin with the addition of a starch shirt. 

The trainers change the vibe of this crop-top–and-slouchy-suit combination for the better. 

Note to self: Must invest in a yellow suit and orange heels for 2020. 

This takes tonal dressing to a whole new, incredibly chic level. 

Proof that you can never go wrong with denim, a jersey top and gold hoops. 

Indeed, Adut does glam just as well as she does casual attire. 


We'll be wearing this transeasonal outfit on repeat come April—hopefully with a Loewe bag of our own. 

*Digs out Converse from the back of wardrobe immediately.*

You heard it here first: Bleached jeans are going to be huge in 2020 if Adut has anything to do with it. 

Adut was wearing stacked-sole kicks before Buffalos came back on the scene. Because, of course, she was. 

We've overlooked the leather miniskirt for far too long. 

This strikes the perfect balance between ladylike and achingly cool. 

Even supermodels feel the chill. Adut gives us a free pass to stay in our puffers until spring arrives. 

Can we borrow this look when you're done with it please, Adut? 

This is case in point that Adut can wear whatever she wants and look the fashionable part. 

This combination of trousers, a crop top and matching shoes is probably our favourite Adut outfit of all time. 

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