Mark Wahlberg reveals he is ‘allergic to everything’ after taking intensive test

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Mark Wahlberg has revealed that he is allergic “to almost everything” after undertaking a series of allergy tests.

On Tuesday, the actor shared a photograph on Instagram of his back after the test, which revealed that he had several allergies as indicted by the many red marks that had manifested.

"It only took me 49 years to realise I’m allergic to almost everything,” he captioned the post.

Wahlberg did not reveal exactly what he was allergic to.

The post garnered more than 864,500 likes and thousands of comments, including one from the actor Chris Pratt, who teased: "I’m no doctor, but based on the inflammation near the puncture marks it looks like you’re allergic to getting poked by needles."

Wahlberg has been actively posting about his workouts in lockdown.

Earlier this week, he revealed that he had been exercising at F45, a boutique fitness studio that focuses on HIIT workouts.

The actor made headlines in 2018 after he shared his daily routine, which begins with him rising at 2.30am.

Breakfast takes place at 3.15am, after which the actor does his first workout of the day, which is 95 minutes long.

At 5.30am, he indulges in a post-workout meal, and at 6am, he has a shower.

Then, at 7.30am, Wahlberg enjoys half an hour of golf before indulging in an 8am snack.

His day also includes cryotherapy, a popular post-workout treatment where you step into a chamber where the air temperature is roughly -200°C for about three minutes.

Wahlberg says he also collects his children from school every day, has dinner at 5.30pm and goes to sleep at 7.30pm.

You can read the full schedule here.

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