Mark Wahlberg annoys wife with early morning workouts

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Mark Wahlberg's early morning workouts are beginning to annoy his wife, because he can't stay awake for movie nights.

The Boogie Nights star has been getting up long before dawn to work out in the gym for years, but he has admitted his early morning starts are beginning to take their toll on his wife Rhea Durham and their family.

"The earlier I get up in the morning the more I can get accomplished before I gotta wake the kids up for school and then I can start the rest of my day," Mark told Good Morning America.

"I have a lot to do and I wanna make sure I get it all done," he went on, confessing: "Getting to bed early and getting up early, it annoys my wife every once in a while."

The actor recalled: "We were watching a movie last night and I fell asleep midway through the movie... but working hard pays off... I had to watch the rest of it before my family wakes up."

The star previously revealed to his followers that he wakes up in the middle of the night to begin his intense day, eating his first meal at 3:15 am before working out and having a post-workout meal two hours later, and in January, he reminded people how hardcore he is, by posting a video of exercising with a Power Plate at 2:30 am.