Mariska Hargitay surprises young fan after attempted kidnapping ordeal

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Mariska Hargitay has surprised a young girl with a virtual meet-and-greet after the fan used a tactic learned from Law & Order: Special Victims Unit to foil an attempted kidnapping.

Florida resident Alyssa Bonal, 11, was playing with some homemade slime at a bus stop last week when she was approached by a man who attempted to snatch her and drag her to his car.

The quick-thinking pre-teen managed to free herself from his grip and used the blue slime to smear all over the attacker's arms, before he fled the scene. The marks proved to be key in helping police officers track down the suspect and make the arrest.

Bonal subsequently revealed she picked up the slime idea from her favourite TV crime drama series, and on Thursday, Hargitay, who plays Detective Olivia Benson, praised the youngster in a post on Instagram, calling her "BRAVE, Strong and Smart".

She then made an unexpected appearance during Bonal's remote interview with U.S. breakfast show Today to further applaud the fan.

"I'm so incredibly honoured to meet you," Hargitay told a stunned Bonal. "I just want to tell you how blown away me and all of my squad are, and I think the whole world right now, that you had the forethought and the wherewithal to do what you did and I am just blown away (sic)."

The star, who is recovering after recently sustaining multiple leg and ankle injuries in a mystery incident, then showed off a script she had autographed for Bonal, which included a special message: "It says, 'You are my hero,'" Hargitay explained.

"You're amazing, sweetheart, you're amazing, and strong and brave, and what's most important to everyone is that you're OK, and that is the most beautiful gift that we all have."