Marisa Tomei 'wasn't paid' for The King of Staten Island

Marisa Tomei starred in The King of Staten Island credit:Bang Showbiz
Marisa Tomei starred in The King of Staten Island credit:Bang Showbiz

Marisa Tomei claims she was never paid for appearing in 'The King of Staten Island'.

The 57-year-old actress starred in the comedy-drama film alongside Maude Apatow and Pete Davidson - but Marisa claims she never received the money she was owed for making the movie.

She said: "I actually just was talking to Pete today, because I was like, ‘I never got paid for that. Did you? In this age of transparency, can we talk?'"

Marisa still has fond memories of shooting the film, which was a semi-biographical take on Pete's life.

The actress told Rolling Stone: "Despite that, I had a rollicking good time. [With director] Judd [Apatow]'s approach to improv - which is extensive - I was ­intimidated. I’m with all these stand-ups. It was so freeing. [It] really changed how I approach each character going forward."

The Oscar-winning star played the part of Pete's mother in the movie.

And she previously discussed the challenge of bringing the character to life.

Marisa said around the film's release: "For me, I didn’t really want to do, like, a method thing. Really, I respect her and I actually adore her. She’s one of the most patient, kind [people and] has a great laugh.

"She’s just a great person, but I didn’t really want to get into her [head or] try to be her."

Meanwhile, Pete was keen to show another side of his character in the film.

The comedy star thinks too many people judge him on his 'Saturday Night Live' appearances.

Pete - who is dating Kim Kardashian - explained: "I would really like people to understand me. It’s cool to get three minutes here and there on [Weekend] Update, but you can’t really tell what type of person that is."