Why Mario Lopez spent his July Fourth in the emergency room

Raechal Shewfelt
Editor, Yahoo Entertainment

Mario Lopez did not have a fun holiday.

The former Saved by the Bell actor tore his Achilles tendon and ended up in the emergency room of an L.A. hospital on July Fourth. In an Instagram post, the 44-year-old said he was injured while sparring. He announced Thursday that he’ll undergo surgery on Friday.

Lopez fans offered their sympathy, although a few of them reminded the actor that his jock character on the teen sitcom was too strong to be injured. One follower suggested that Lopez do “the Sprain,” the dance Lisa Turtle invented on a 1989 episode of Saved by the Bell when she was on crutches.

It might have been too soon for Lopez to find that joke funny, but, hey, maybe it helped cheer him up.

He did seem to have a good attitude about what happened. In his Instagram Story on Wednesday, Lopez gave a thumbs-up from his hospital bed and then gathered with friends around a swimming pool, where he smoked a cigar.

Mario Lopez is upbeat at the hospital. (Photo: Mario Lopez via Instagram)
Ouch! (Photo: Mario Lopez via Instagram)
Mario Lopez uses crutches after his injury. (Photo: Mario Lopez via Instagram)
Mario Lopez’s Independence Day bash featured a cigar. (Photo: Mario Lopez via Instagram)

His family members — wife Courtney, 7-year-old daughter Gia, and son Dominic, 4 — weren’t pictured, but they probably weren’t too far away. Lopez delivered the bad news about his injury an hour or so after posting a Fourth of July wish for his followers, accompanied by a photo of the Lopezes all decked out in red, white, and blue.

Let’s hope Lopez is dancing up a storm again soon.

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