Marilyn Manson's former assistant sues rocker for sexual assault and battery

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Marilyn Manson is being sued for sexual assault, battery, and harassment by a former assistant.

Ashley Walters claims Manson - real name Brian Warner - treated her awfully and bragged about raping women, allegedly telling her during a video shoot he "loved when girls looked like they had just been raped".

In the suit, obtained by TMZ, the accuser also claims Manson would tell her he wanted to kill the women he was dating.

Walters alleges the harassment she experienced at the hands of the Rock is Dead singer began in May, 2010, when he reportedly invited her to his West Hollywood home, bit her ear and forced her hand down his pants.

She left Manson's employ in 2011 after Game of Thrones star Esme Bianco, the singer's ex, told her to leave the "dangerous" rock star. Bianco has filed a separate sexual assault lawsuit against Manson.

Walters claims Manson became enraged and fired her after discovering she and his ex had become close. She was rehired a week later but still allegedly treated badly. The rocker fired her for good in October, 2011 but allegedly continued to physically and verbally threaten her.

The former assistant is asking for unspecified damages and seeking back pay and lost wages. She's also asking that Manson destroy any images he has of her, as well as those he has of women obtained without their written consent.

In addition, Walters has also requested that Manson and his employees at Marilyn Manson Recordings Inc. should submit to anti-sexual harassment and anti-sexual violence training.

A member of Manson's team has vehemently denied any accusations of assault.

After allegations of bad behaviour and misconduct were levelled at Manson earlier this year by Bianco and his former fiancee, Evan Rachel Wood, Manson lost two TV roles, his record deal, and a manager.

The rocker's lawyer previously fired back at Bianco's sexual assault lawsuit, insisting her accusations are "provably false".

Howard E. King said, "To be clear, this suit was only filed after my client refused to be shaken down by Ms. Bianco and her lawyer and give in to their outrageous financial demands based on conduct that simply never occurred. We will vigorously contest these allegations in court and are confident that we will prevail."

The case is under police investigation.

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