Marie Osmond thinks the time is right for cosmetic surgery

Marie Osmond credit:Bang Showbiz
Marie Osmond credit:Bang Showbiz

Marie Osmond is considering getting a neck lift

The 61-year-old singer has been trying to stave off the ageing process with non-invasive techniques, passed on to her by American sitcom queen Lucille Ball, but now she is in her 60s Marie thinks it could be time to take the plunge and go under the knife to stay looking her best.

In an interview with TalkShopLive, she said: "I’m going to tell you something. Lucille Ball was a haemophiliac. And she showed me how to keep my neck looking good with no surgery. And you braid it, you take your hair, and you pull it, and I’ve been doing that for three years now. And I’m tired of it. So I think I might go get my neck fixed What do you think?! Should I? I want to.

“I’m thinking about doing it for my birthday. Because everyone goes ‘you look so...' Guys, c’mon, smoke and mirrors. This is Hollywood!"

If she does have the cosmetic op, Marie - who used to perform with her brother Donny Osmond, 63 - will happily tell the world about it.

She added: "Seriously, people compare themselves and they’re all so secretive about this crap. Hey, when I’m going to do it, I’ll tell you! And I’m thinking about it. So maybe. You know, I’m thinking. I’m getting headaches, I’m tired of this! I can’t wait to hear the comments on that. I am so stinking honest. It’s who I am.”