Mariah Carey tweeted a fan to say she wasn't impressed with their Mariah-themed bauble

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Photo credit: Romain Maurice - Getty Images
Photo credit: Romain Maurice - Getty Images

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As we know, Mariah Carey is an icon. Aside from those pipes, she's known and loved for her diva behaviour; from the time she threw a Mariah themed birthday party to the moment in the early noughties when she replied "I don't know her" when asked about Jennifer Lopez in an interview. So it makes total sense that she recently tweeted a fan to tell him she wasn't impressed with his Mariah-inspired Christmas tree bauble. Brutal.

It all started when Kyle Blaine, a journalist from Washington DC, tweeted a picture of his new Christmas tree bauble, a model of Mariah Carey from the video for All I Want for Christmas. He shared a picture of the bauble saying, "My husband and I exchange ornaments every year and this year he got me @MariahCarey which is very festive!"

So far, so festive, right? Well, here's where Mariah comes in. Responding to Blaine's tweet Mariah replied, "This is... Not approved 😐 (But it's the thought that counts)." Ouch.

Followers were quick to respond to Mariah's tweet - which has amassed over 145 thousand likes since last night - sharing pictures of their own Mariah-inspired Christmas decorations, including one very special nativity scene featuring 'Messiah Carey'.

The good news is that Mariah Carey tweeting you may be the best Christmas gift of all, so Blaine responded to Mariah's tweet simply saying, "Drag me queen."

Merry Mariah-mass, everybody.

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