Margot Robbie: 'Women should write more action movies'

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Margot Robbie wants women to target writing jobs on action films as they are better paid than other Hollywood projects.

The Birds of Prey star is set for her third appearance as madcap villainess Harley Quinn in James Gunn's upcoming The Suicide Squad film.

However, Margot wants to see women behind as well as in front of the camera - as it will help tackle Tinseltown's gender pay gap as superhero and action films are the best paid for writers and filmmakers as well as actors.

"From a business or statistical standpoint, those are the high-paying jobs. So I really want to advocate for women writing big blockbuster action films," she explained in an interview with Vogue. "And then also, the perception that women aren't interested in action is ridiculous. Plus they're really, really fun."

Explaining why she's had so much fun playing Harley, Margot, who runs her own production company with husband Tom Ackerley and business partners Josey McNamara and Sophia Kerr, said that the action scenes gave her an adrenaline rush she'd only ever receive if she was trapped in a "war zone" for real.

"There are explosions and guns firing," the 31-year-old actress gushed. "And even though they're blanks, your body starts reacting as if it's real, your adrenaline's through the roof. Because, well, my body thinks it's just been in a war zone."

The Suicide Squad, which also stars John Cena, Idris Elba, Viola Davis, Joel Kinnaman, Jai Courtney, Sylvester Stallone, and Peter Capaldi, is released on 30 July.

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