Margot Robbie denies crying outside of Cara Delevingne's home

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Margot Robbie has denied paparazzi photos taken of her in two months ago show her crying outside of Cara Delevingne's home.

In September, Page Six published images appearing to show the I, Tonya actress upset outside of her close friend and Suicide Squad co-star's property, with reports speculating that Margot was concerned about Cara's unusual behaviour.

During a cover interview with Vanity Fair magazine, the Australian actress revealed that her mum called her to ask if she and Cara were O.K. after seeing the snaps.

"I'm like, 'First of all, yes and yes,'" Margot sighed. "'And second of all, I'm not at Cara's house - I'm outside an Airbnb that I was renting for five days! And I'm not crying!' I had something in my eye. I'm trying to grab my face mask, trying to hold a coffee cup, and I couldn't get a hair outta my eye."

In October, reports emerged suggesting that Margot was injured when a photographer tried to take pictures of her and Cara as they got into a taxi in Argentina. The 32-year-old told the publication that she couldn't speak about the incident due to ongoing legal issues. However, when asked if she was hurt, she replied, "No, but I could have been."

Margot admitted that she has now made peace with the fact she can't correct every false story about her and must simply "look the other way" but is still frustrated by the way her family are sometimes treated by paparazzi in Australia.

"If my mom dies in a car accident because you wanted a photo of me going in the grocery shop, or you knock my nephew off a bike - for what? For a photo?" she continued. "It's dangerous but still weirdly nothing feels like it changes."