Margot Robbie On The Clever Ways 'Babylon' Actors Got Around The 'Wild' Drugs Scenes

margot robbie babylon drug scenes
Margot Robbie Reveals 'Babylon' Drugs Scenes TrickSamir Hussein - Getty Images

The star-studded film Babylon was only released in UK cinemas a matter of days ago (January 20), but already it's the hottest topic on everyone's lips. Some have been questioning the necessity of its exorbitant length (it's more than three hours long!), some have complained of the 'overwhelming muchness' of it all, while others have heaped praise on Margot Robbie and Brad Pitt for their no-holds-barred performances, with some even predicting Oscars.

But nothing has got tongues wagging quite like the insane amount of boozing and drug-taking shown in the film, which is set in the 1920s and acts as ode to the golden age of Hollywood – and its lavish, debauchery-filled parties, too. The question naturally arises, however: just how do the actors get around having to do so much on-screen snorting? And what, if anything, actually goes up their noses?

margot robbie babylon drugs
David M. Benett - Getty Images

Luckily, Margot Robbie came through with the answers during a recent interview with BuzzFeed Australia. When asked about the props used during the film's various 'wild scenes', the actor explained that 'when you see cocaine in movies, it's normally Vitamin B powder,' whereas it tends to be icing sugar 'if you're actually ingesting it' or 'powdered baby laxative'. Erm, what?

Asked whether it 'hurts to snort', Robbie said 'yeah, it's not nice.' We can only imagine! The actor also went on to explain that she was 'chain-smoking fake cigarettes' that 'smell terrible and taste awful' throughout the film – and that she has 'never smoked a real cigarette in [her] life.'

The complete opposite of her outrageous, drug-taking, cigarette-smoking, raspy-voiced character in the film, Nellie LaRoy...

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