Margaret Qualley divulges details on life with Jack Antonoff

Margaret Qualley has divulged details on life with her new husband Jack Antonoff.

During an interview with Harper's Bazaar, the 28-year-old shared details about her relationship with the musician and record producer.

"I am so happy that I found my person. And it's real. It's amazing," Margaret gushed. "It's the best feeling in the world. I'm so excited and so at ease all at once."

The Maid star admitted that when she walked in the Fall 2021 couture show for Chanel, for which she wore a white bridal-style dress, she had sent the photos to Jack to hint at a potential wedding.

"I had this huge crush on him," she said, "and it was just like, 'What do you think?"

Margaret added that she and Jack had also visited a friend who had recently had a baby. "I'm holding the baby," she said, as she mimed cradling the baby, "and I'm just like, 'What do you think?'"

The actress noted that her life significantly changed around the time that she became romantically involved with the 39-year-old.

"Until about a month before I met Jack, I never had any furniture. I would always have these sh*tty little apartments and move around from one place to another with a mattress on the floor and an IKEA lamp," she confessed. "I never made a home at all. I didn't care; I cared about movies."

Margaret added, "I would use my sister's basement in L.A. as a spot to keep my things. But I didn't invest in that part of my life. It's really exciting now to be making a home and to have something to care for."

Additionally, the actress shared that she does plan to have children one day, stating, "I just want to do everything with Jack. One day I want kids, and I'm not there yet, and I want to keep doing movies. And that's about all I know."

The pair first met in August 2021. They then tied the knot two years later in August of this year.