Marcus Rashford Slams Free School Meal Parcels, Saying They're “Just Not Good Enough”

Anna Lewis
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Photo credit: Getty/@marcusrashford
Photo credit: Getty/@marcusrashford

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Marcus Rashford and Jack Monroe have slammed the free school meal parcels put together to feed vulnerable families.

Photos of the parcels, which are meant to provide enough food for families currently homeschooling in line with the government Lockdown rules, have been doing the rounds on social media. Families eligible for free school meals are entitled to £30 food vouchers, but instead of being given these, a number of families have been palmed off with food parcels, which clearly cost a fraction of that price to put together. This has left many wondering what the private companies contracted to provide the parcels are doing with the rest of the money. In some cases, the food provided in the parcels could be costing as little as £5, meaning these companies are making a huge profit off of vulnerable children.

Footballer and food poverty campaigner, Marcus Rashford, has taken to Twitter to show his disgust at the parcels; saying they’re “just not good enough.”

As well as Marcus, Jack Monroe has also taken to social media to slam the parcels.

After the parcels received a lot of press coverage, the chef and cookbook author has now broken the wonderful news that eligible families should now receive vouchers instead of these inexcusable food parcels.

Jack appeared on Channel 5 News to discuss the scandal and open up about personal struggles the cookbook author has experienced in the past.

And Marcus has spoken with Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who agrees that the parcels are unacceptable, and he is “committed to correcting the issue”.

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