Marcus Mumford opens up about childhood sexual abuse

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Marcus Mumford has revealed he was sexually abused as a child.

In an interview for the September 2022 issue of GQ, the Mumford & Sons frontman shared that the song Cannibal from his upcoming solo album Self-Titled is about his experiences.

"Like lots of people - and I'm learning more and more about this as we go and as I play it to people - I was sexually abused as a child," he said, noting that the abuse occurred when he was six years old. "Not by family and not in the church, which might be some people's assumption. But I hadn't told anyone about it for 30 years."

Mumford went on to explain that he had blocked out the abuse from his mind until after the release of the Mumford & Sons album Delta in late 2018.

After struggling with alcohol and eating habits, he hit "rock bottom" in 2019 and sought out advice from a trauma therapist.

"Apparently, it's very common. Once you basically unhook the denial and start the process of removing some suppression, then it's very natural for that stuff to come out," the 35-year-old continued. "I'd had problems breathing all my life. Not asthma but just, like, catching my breath."

Elsewhere in the discussion, Mumford shared that he was able to undo "learned behaviours" and is working on unburdening himself of shame.

"I lived most of my adult life up until just really recently in, like, layers of shame. And it probably started there when I was six, but I just got kind of addicted to shame, layers and layers of shame, which is why I feel now like I've done lots of figuring that out," he added. "Now being able to pick those apart a little bit and, like, chip away at the layers of it is why I feel kind of free, more free than I have in a long time."

Self-Titled is set to be released on 16 September.