How Many Rounds Can You Finish in This Dumbbell-only Workout Challenge?

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Two dumbbells and one exercise, but how many reps? In this low-kit workout challenge, that’s up to you.

You can be strong, you can be fit, but if you want to be ‘conditioned’, you need to be able to combine the two. Our ‘death by devil’s press’ challenge is designed to test just that capacity: your ability to be stronger for longer and outputting force at a consistent pace, until you find the very edge of your capacity.

The ‘death by…’ format sees you working in an EMOM (every minute on the minute) fashion. Start a running clock and begin with one rep, resting for the remainder of the minute. Each minute you’ll perform an additional rep, climbing the ladder one rep at a time (one rep in the first minute, two in the second minute, three in the third, etc) until you can no longer fit the prescribed work into sixty seconds. Or until you quit.

Make a note of your finishing round, and attempt to beat that ‘score’ each time you repeat the challenge, ensuring you’re building your fitness.

Double Devil’s press x 1, 2, 3, 4… etc.

Holding a pair of moderately weighted dumbbells, drop down into a press-up position and perform a burpee. As you begin to stand back up, use the momentum to swing the weights between your legs, then directly overhead. Lower under control, to your shoulders, then back to the ground and repeat.

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