This man's Valentine's Day Strava art has gone viral

Jane McGuire
·1-min read

From Runner's World

Here at Runner's World, we love a romantic gesture, from finish-line and parkrun proposals to runners who have met at the start line, we've heard a lot of running love stories throughout the years.

One that we loved from this weekend was this man who tried to write 'LOVE' in Strava art, inspired by runners who have used the platform to draw GPS images.

Unfortunately, the art didn't quite turn out as expected, with the man's daughter sharing a screenshot of the walk on her TikTok. In the caption, his daughter explained: 'My dad was trying to write Love on Strava for Valentine's Day.'

People have found the man's efforts hilarious, with the TikTok video racking up 53.2K views since it was posted and hundreds of viewers commenting on the video. One person wrote, 'so cute though' another wrote, 'I see no problem, a perfect translation of love'.

Serious kudos for trying!

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