Manifest fans are all complaining about the same character in season 4

manifest fans are all complaining about the same character in season 4
Manifest viewers complain about same s4 characterNetflix

While Manifest fans are understandably happy to see the show back on their screens for season four, there is one character that they can't stop complaining about: Angelina.

After the show was cancelled by NBC, Netflix confirmed they would be reviving the series for a fourth and final instalment, which dropped on the streaming service last Friday [4th November].

*Spoilers* Judging by the reaction on social media, fans are still angry about Angelina, (played by Holly Taylor) thanks to her actions in season three. In case you need a reminder, after being locked up by her parents, who assumed her "callings" were something to be scared of, she was taken in by the Stone family. Angelina became obsessed with the idea that Eden was her guardian angel, eventually kidnapping the baby and killing her mum Grace.

manifest fans are all complaining about the same character in season 4

Which might be why fans are angry every time she comes on screen. As one person put it, "I’m halfway through Manifest part 1 of season 4 and the amount of times I’ve said 'This b****' every single time Angelina comes up in a scene is funny. I’ve never hated a character in a show so much until she came along!"

Someone else put, "Angelina from Manifest must be the most annoying character in television history" and "If Angelina Meyer has a million haters I’m one of them. If she has 1000 haters, I’m still one of them. If she has 1 hater it’s me. If Angelina has 0 haters it means I have left this world. If the world is against Angelina Meyer then I am with the world."

Speaking about season four, Holly Taylor, who plays Angelina, said she hoped her character could be turned around. "I always held hope that Angelina could be saved and redeemed in some regard, mostly just for my own sanity as I’m reading the scripts," she told Tudum.

"I never think that it can get worse, and somehow it always gets worse. So I’m just like, 'Well, maybe this is as bad as it can get, and next week I’ll get a script that she comes back around.' So I always held hope for that, because she’s a good person underneath it all. She just really needs help."

Manifest season four is now streaming on Netflix

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