Maneskin 'won't be pigeon-holed or labelled'

Maneskin refuse to be pingeon-holed credit:Bang Showbiz
Maneskin refuse to be pingeon-holed credit:Bang Showbiz

Maneskin refuse to be "pigeon-holed or labelled".

The Italian rock band have enjoyed a meteoric rise since winning the Eurovision Song Contest in 2021, and their new single, 'Kool Kids', is aimed directly at their critics.

Frontman Damiano David explained: "That song is basically a huge f*** off to all the people that told us rock bands don’t do Eurovision and tried to label us."

The group's lead singer was actually accused of using drugs amid the Eurovision Song Contest.

And even though he was eventually cleared of any wrongdoing, Damiano still feels frustrated by the situation and the criticism that's been aimed at the band.

He told The Sun newspaper: "We wrote it immediately after Eurovision about everyone who knocked us and all the controversy that followed it.

"We just make music and this record shows our diversity - it can’t be pigeon-holed or labelled."

Damiano feels it's outdated and unnecessary to put a band or an artist into a specific genre of music.

He said: "In general our generation feels that we don’t need to be labelled any more and I think music reflects society. Today nobody cares if they’re rock, pop or whatever - they just want to enjoy music and that’s all that matters."

The band have enjoyed huge success since winning Eurovision - but Damiano admits there's a price to pay for fame and success.

He said: "It can be lonely on the road. I’m lucky that we are friends and like family but there are times when it’s hard.

"Many artists are starting to share the negative parts as well as the beautiful parts of this life and I think it’s important to tell people when you’re not feeling well or are overwhelmed by the job, there are limits.

"It makes the connection with your fans more honest and empathetic. I admire what Shawn Mendes did [the singer postponed his live shows to focus on his mental health] and many artists are doing the same.

"It’s brave and takes courage and shows responsibility. Moves like that are slowly going to change our environment and make it healthier."