Manager praised for their response to employee quitting job because of depression

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A boss has been applauded for their response to an employee who said that they had to quit their job due to depression.

In a recent post shared to the Reddit subreddit “Kitchen Confidential,” a forum for food service professionals, a user who goes by u/bikepunxx posted a screenshot of a text conversation they had with their manager. The caption reads: “I had to quit my delivery job today due to my depression, this is how my manager responded.”

According to the screenshot, the message began with the employee saying: “So…” and the boss responding with: “Hey. You doing ok?”

“I’m doing better but I still have a lot of s**t to deal with right now,” the Reddit poster texted back.

The manager said they “understood” and asked if they needed to cover the worker’s shift that night. While the employee said yes, they also acknowledged that they “might have to quit,” although they said they hated “having to do” that.

In response, the employer said that it was okay and reminded their employee that their “happiness” was the priority. The manager also said that, despite quitting, the original poster (OP) wouldn’t be officially losing their job.

“It’s alright,” the manager’s message reads. “Your happiness is more important. We love having you here and hope to have you back once you’re ready.”

In response to the message, the employee expressed their gratitude to their manager and noted how they had “the best bosses”.

“You’re an awesome person,” the manager replied. “Don’t ever discount yourself.”

As of 21 April, the Reddit post has more than 20,300 upvotes, with readers in the comments claiming how uncommon it is to see a boss be so understanding of an employee’s mental health struggles.

“That is rare, wonderful, and heartwarming! Wish you the best,” one person wrote, while another said: “Wow. I’ve never seen that happen before. That’s really great. Keep in contact with them. Respect for depression as a genuine mental illness is hard to find in the workforce.”

Multiple Reddit users also praised the manager, in general, for showing how important it is to prioritise one’s mental health in any workplace.

“Mental health is critical,” one comment reads. “No matter how physically fit you are for your job, you need to keep your head and your heart in check.”

“This is exactly how I speak to my staff,” another Reddit user wrote. “If you/your spouse/family/ WHATEVER, are unwell. Go home. Take it seriously, and come back if you want/can.”

The Independent has reached out to u/bikepunxx for comment.

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