Man walks more than 34 feet on slackline while juggling knives

Edgar Yudkevich broke a Guinness World Record by walking 34 feet and 4 inches across a slackline while juggling three knives. Photo courtesy of Guinness World Records

Nov. 21 (UPI) -- A talented circus performer climbed onto a slackline in California and walked a distance of 34 feet and 4 inches while juggling three knives.

Guinness World Records said Edgar Yudkevich captured the record for the greatest distance traveled on a slackline while juggling three knives when he took on the challenge in Coronado.

"The day that I attempted this record was on World Circus Day and there was a community gathering of circus artists in Coronado," Yudkevich told GWR. "Everyone was pushing their limits and celebrating, and I decided to do a feat that would inspire my friends, as well as my students to push themselves further in their circus acts."

Yudkevich said he has been slackline juggling for about 12 years, and decided to try knives to add an extra level of danger to the experience.

"Because I am constantly training as a circus artist, I regularly do feats that others don't understand, but that I feel are quite safe performing," he said. "In this case, I've had over 12 years of daily practice in juggling and balancing to aid me."