Man urinates into a can inside Coca-Cola factory

Emily Rella

When you gotta go, you gotta go — you know?

One caveat: Maybe hold it until you can make it into a proper restroom or you’re not, well, in the middle of the factory where you work?

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For one Coca-Cola factory worker in England, apparently, this concept didn’t seem to hold any weight.

At the Ball Corporation plant in Milton Keynes, Bucks, England, a 40-year-old factory worker was spotted urinating into (fittingly) a Coca-Cola can in the middle of the factory near the production line.

The Ball Corporation plant is located a disturbingly close 100 meters away from the Coca-Cola bottling factory in Northfield — one of the distributor’s biggest properties.

The man, whose has yet to be publicly identified, was reportedly a temporary worker.

Following the incident, he was escorted off the premises and was not allowed back onto the property in any capacity.

A source from the factory expressed to local Milton Keynes paper, MKCitizen, their disgust :

“It’s just not acceptable behavior. And nobody can understand why he did it. The workers are allowed breaks and if he needed the loo, all he had to do was ask.” 

A spokesman from Ball Corporation also spoke out about the incident:

“A temporary employee was found to have breached our hygiene processes and was dismissed from the company. We can also confirm that only one can was affected, and that the affected can was not on our production line ... We submit our cans to stringent hygiene and quality tests before sending them to our customers.”

Here’s to hoping that #UrineGate2018 has swiftly come to an end as quickly as it began — and a friendly reminder that if you can’t hold it in, you probably still shouldn’t urinate in the middle of your place of work. Just a thought.