Man takes intimate photos of his wife breastfeeding their baby

Sabrina Barr
Getty Images

A man has taken intimate photos of his wife breastfeeding their baby to portray the beauty of such a natural act.

Vincent Ferrané is a photographer from Paris.

He’s photographed a number of notable individuals including actress Eva Green, tennis player Ana Ivanovic and actor Adam Driver.

When his child was born, he begun a personal photography project called “Milky Way”.

The project shows his wife breastfeeding their baby over the course of several months and has since been turned into a book, published by Libraryman Books.

His aim was to combine the classical depiction of the female form with the modern actualities of motherhood.

“The whole series assumes this balance between everyday reality and poetic symbols and myths,” Ferrané told Refinery29.

“I wanted to take that classical idea of the ‘noble’ image of a breastfeeding mother and replace it with images of the everyday experience of it.

“As parents you naturally and immediately incorporate these elements into your life and you find them beautiful, so I tried to do the same as a photographer, finding an aesthetic language that does not stop at what is normally considered ‘beautiful’ or worthy of interest.”

Ferrané bathed his photos in soft lighting while including objects in the composition such as breast pumps to display the coalescence between the classical and the modern.

He also wanted to highlight the incredible abilities of the female body.

“In modern iconography, it’s obvious to say that the female body is often eroticised,” he said.

“In this series, the idea is not so much to try to desexualise the body, but rather to render its function and to show the beauty and poetry inherent in that.”

Not only did Ferrané capture the beautiful bond between mother and child, but he also provided an insight into the father’s experiences during the early stages of their baby’s life.

“I started this candid series as a moved father - a father-photographer, you could say,” he said.

“During breastfeeding moments, as a father you are emotionally involved but already at a distance physically.

“Taking the pictures was simply an act of love.”