Man 'stunned' to receive personal letter from the King

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Bucks man 'stunned' to receive personal letter from the King <i>(Image: Epilepsy Society)</i>
Bucks man 'stunned' to receive personal letter from the King (Image: Epilepsy Society)

A man from Bucks received a personal letter from the King thanking him for his condolences after the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

Martin Evans, 62, who has lived at the Epilepsy Society's centre in Chalfont St Peter since 1997, said he was "stunned" to receive a reply from King Charles III to a letter of condolence he sent to Buckingham Palace after the queen's death last year.

In his response, the King included a photograph from his childhood with his mother, the late Queen, who was a patron of the Epilepsy Society during her reign.

The letter, which was signed ‘Charles R’, read: “It was so very kind of you to send me such a wonderfully generous message following the death of my beloved mother.

“Your most thoughtful words are enormously comforting, and I cannot tell you how deeply they are appreciated in this time of immense sorrow.”

Martin said that having lost his own mother and father, he understood the grief Charles must be experiencing and wanted to share his sympathies.

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“I sent him a letter soon after Queen Elizabeth II passed away as I knew how he was feeling because I have no mother and father. I wanted to tell him that I support him and I believe he will be a good king, just as his mother was a great queen.

"His letter was absolutely wonderful and the fact that he signed it made it so much more special. The picture really got to my heart. I think he sent it because my letter was so personal.”

Martin said that he has been a supporter of the royal family for all of his life, with a special regard for the late queen because of her involvement with the Epilepsy Society.

He added: "I am very much looking forward to the Coronation in May and am sure that Charles will be a good king during his reign."