'RakNominate' hero searches for worthy Nintendo Wii recipient to mark his 100th good deed

The 'NekNominate' drinking craze was widely critised when it was thought to have led to as many as five deaths after participants drank lethal cocktails of alcohol.

But Luke Cameron, 26 from Tuffley, Gloucestershire, decided to turn the trend around by starting 'RakNominate' - encouraging people to carry out random acts of kindness.

When a video of him paying for a stranger's takeaway went viral he decided to do a good deed every day for a year - and now he has reached his 100th by giving away his Nintendo Wii.

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His RakNominations have so far included buying meals for strangers, cooking food for the homeless, helping neighbours, or simply spending time with lonely relatives.

Luke decided to give away a Nintendo Wii games console to a deserving youngster and has launched a competition to decide the winner.

He said: "I started the good deed diary after going through both a lot as a child with my own heart surgery and having lost somebody close to me last year through cancer.

"I have been around the world in the past two years and have seen all levels of living from the rich and famous to the poor and poverty stricken and wanted to do something that disregards social status.

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"We all need help sometimes and giving a little extra hand to those people who need and deserve it most is the aim of the diary.

"I have reached 100 good deeds and wanted to make it a milestone event so went through my possessions and decided that I really don't need my Nintendo Wii and that it could go to a much better and more deserving home.

"I thought to myself I have this and there are kids out there that would kill for one of these things, so I'm giving it away to a little kid who really deserves it."

Luke's good deeds have earned him more than 550 likes to his Facebook page called 'The Good Deed Diary' and they are also detailed on his website www.thegooddeeddiary.com.

Shop worker Luke says he never has any idea what the good deed of the day will be but looks for every opportunity to help others.

For example he once visited a Subway shop and after purchasing his own meal left £4 behind the till to pay for the next customer's lunch.

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He said he has had a fantastic response since setting up the blog at the beginning of the year.

He added: "I don't have a favourite good deed as they've all been special but I feel a massive satisfaction when people come back to me to say I've inspired them to do something good.

"I had one email from a man who said he'd given his coat to a homeless man on his way to work as he saw him shivering in the rain - that felt amazing."

A number of his friends and family have been inspired to do good deeds following the release of his blog.

And a Facebook group called 'RAKNomination - Random Act of Kindness' has been created where people are encouraged to record themselves carrying out a good deed.

Thomas Owen posted: "I saw some RAKNomination- Random Act Of Kindness videos and felt compelled to get involved. Today I popped into the Bristol Royal Children's Hospital with a couple of bags filled with books, games, toys and a small DVD collection."

Generous car dealer Richard King, of Poole Keynes, Gloucestershire also caught the online trend and decided to give a grieving mother a fully taxed and insured smart car.

He handed the keys to the £3,000 car to Hayley Gooden - whose three-year-old daughter Shaniqwa tragically died from a brain tumour - after inviting nominations for people who were worthy of the car.

For his Nintendo Wii giveaway, Luke is asking parents to nominate children who may be deserving - perhaps because of illness or acts of kindness themselves.

People can nominate via his diary at facebook.com/thegooddeeddiary.

Deadline for the competition is May 1 and Luke will announce the winner a couple of days later on his Facebook page.

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