Man sparks debate after calling out his wife’s tea-drinking habit: ‘He is being a brat’

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A husband is fed up with his wife drinking his specialty teas.

He vented on Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum. His wife drinks all different kinds of non-water beverages that are easy to find locally. However, he prefers teas, especially a brand of Japanese milk tea that’s difficult to find in the area. The husband is upset because his wife drinks his specialty tea even though she has plenty of her own drinks.

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“So like any family we drink more than just water,” the Redditor wrote. “My wife buys crystal light to put in all her water, buys those sugar free carbonated ice drinks, currently has two olipop sodas in the fridge, and some gingerale. I don’t like carbonated drinks, so I really just stick to water and tea. We buy liter bottles of a few Japanese tea drinks, as well as, when I can find it, a milk tea drink that is a relatively rare find.”

“This is my favorite treat drink. My wife has full reign of all the other drinks in the fridge including my tea but she gets very mad at me when I ask her to save the milk tea for me, though I’m not really enforcing any kind of hard rule and I always let her have a few sips when I get a glass if she doesn’t have one as well.”

“Today when I got home I could see she had a glass of it (she left it on the counter), and then just now she asked me to get her another glass of it. I said she’s drinking more of it than I am and she absolutely raked me over the coals for it, calling me selfish and a brat, that she likes it too, and that I can’t have it all to myself.”

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“I feel like she has all these drinks and I really only have the teas, and one that we can’t stock with any kind of frequency that is my favorite soft drink. She has already drank about two to three times more of the tea in the carton than I have. Am I being unreasonable about this or should she be more receptive to my requests?”

Redditors felt the poster was guilty (especially after finding out in the comment section that his wife is pregnant) — and even a user claiming to be his wife chimed in with why.

“Hey, wife in question here. This tea WAS a rare find for many years but we have currently found a reliable source that we can go to any time and restock. Out of the last 3 bottles I have had 4 8oz glasses of his precious damn tea. He is being a brat,” the comment stated.

“It’s not her fault that you don’t like any other drinks, and you don’t get to punish her by restricting her access to something you both like because of it, which is exactly what you’re doing,” a user said.

“It’s not her fault you don’t drink any of the other drinks,” another wrote.

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