Man invites every Hinge match to Memorial Day barbecue: ‘Will you accept this spare rib?’

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A man is being praised online after he invited all of his Hinge matches to a Memorial Day party at his house.

On 26 May, Reddit user u/dhm2293 shared his Memorial Day plans in the popular Reddit thread r/Tinder. In the post, he shared a screenshot of the copy-and-pasted message he sent to at least 60 of his matches on Hinge.

“I invited all my matches to a Memorial Day bbq at my house,” he began the post. The Reddit user then attached ten screenshots of his message history with at least 60 women on the popular dating app.

The message read: “Hey I’m having a Memorial Day bbq at my house this Monday. Going to have a bunch of people over, food, ping pong and other games. Starts at 1 and you’re welcome to bring friends. Let me know if you want to come or have any questions”.

Since being shared last Thursday, the Reddit post has received more than 54,000 upvotes and 3,000 comments from users begging for updates on how the party unfolded.

“Gonna need an update on this one,” wrote u/DeepEggs.

“Set up a live stream please,” said u/Broserdooder1981. “I will cancel my weekend for this”.

One Reddit user asked if any of his Hinge matches have already agreed to the invitation, to which the original poster [OP] replied: “Invites are recent. A few have expressed interest already”.

Others poked fun at OP for ruining his chances at finding true love.

“This Memorial Day we will memorialise how this guy killed his dating prospects all at once,” joked user Salex100m.

User rya22222 replied: “I think this is a great sacrifice in the interest of science and drama”.

Many Redditors also noted similarities between OP’s weekend party plans and in popular dating competition shows, such as The Bachelor. Some internet users took the opportunity to pitch ideas for the Memorial Day-inspired dating show in the comments.

“The Barbequette: Season 1 coming to Hulu soon,” wrote u/Ocelot_lots. “One man. A whole lot of meat. And a whole bunch of ladies”.

Much like The Bachelor contestants hand out roses to the winners, one user jokingly said, “‘Vanessa?………..will you accept this spare rib?’”

And u/Mechabeast pitched the tagline for the new show: “Who will earn the baby back rib?”

In Februrary of this year, a woman named Cassidy Davis went viral after she invited all of her dating app matches to a “chaotic” Valentine’s Day party for singles.

The thought came to her when she was trying to think of something fun to do for Valentine’s Day weekend with her single girlfriends.

In an interview with The Independent, Davis shares that the party was a success and even a few love matches were made. When asked if she would throw the blind date party again, she said absolutely yes. “Just maybe not at my house because that was chaotic.”

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