Man’s ‘innocent’ response to fiancée’s ‘cheating’ prank goes viral on TikTok: ‘Relationship goals’

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 (TikTok / @samandmonica)
(TikTok / @samandmonica)

A man and his fiancée are being praised as “relationship goals” after his amusing response to a prank was captured in a viral TikTok.

In the video, Monica Gartner, who shares an account with her fiancé Sam Patterson on TikTok, where they have more than 1.2m followers, attempted a prank which sees a person text their partner as they leave the house: “He’s leaving now. You can come over.”

The trend is supposed to capture their partner’s reaction to receiving the “wrong” text, with the implication typically meant to be understood their partner is cheating.

However, rather than express concern over the text, the TikTok saw Patterson wholesomely interpret the message as evidence that Gartner was throwing him a surprise birthday party.

After reading the message as he was walking to his car, he turned around and returned to the house, where he then called out to Gartner, who responded: “I thought you were leaving.”

The response was met with giggling from Patterson, who replied: “I was leaving until I saw your cheeky text message.”

Patterson then read the message aloud, before questioning his fiancée: “Are you planning like a belated birthday surprise for me or something?”

Despite Gartner responding: “No” and pointing out that Patterson’s birthday was “over a month ago,” Patterson took her reaction to confirm that she was planning a surprise birthday.

“Yeah, but it’s never too late to celebrate is it?” he asked, before adding as he turned to leave again: “I know you’re doing it! Ok, I love you so much.

“I’ll act surprised I promise!”

After again stating that she is not planning a surprise party, Patterson called up the stairs: “Yeah that’s something that someone who was planning a surprise party would say!”

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The video, which was captioned: “Now I need to throw him a party,” has since been viewed more than 3.3m times, with many viewers applauding the couple’s trusting relationship and Patterson’s “innocent” response.

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“I love how you guys have such a trusting relationship that his brain didn’t even go there, just straight to she’s trying to do something nice,” one person commented.

Another said: “This is so wholesome,” while someone else wrote: “This is so healthy I love it.”

The comments under the video were also flooded with demands for Gartner to actually throw Patterson a surprise party.

“Well now you owe him a surprise birthday party,” one person wrote, while another joked: “So how did the surprise birthday party go?”

In response to one comment imploring Gartner to plan a party for Patterson because he is “literally the sweetest,” she responded: “I feel like I should now!”

As for whether the video was staged, some viewers suggested that Patterson had seen the trend on TikTok before, but knew how to turn it so he would get a birthday party.

“Well that backfired - let us know how the party went,” one person wrote.

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