Man horrifies viewers with tour of ‘smallest apartment’ in New York: ‘Whatever you’re paying is too much’

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A man has shocked viewers after giving a tour of his miniscule apartment, which he claimed is the “smallest apartment in New York”.

AJ, who goes by the username @ajwebber on TikTok, shared what life is like living in the miniature apartment in a video uploaded last week.

“Here’s what it’s like living in the smallest apartment in New York,” he began the video. “Wherever your expectations are, lower them.”

AJ then proceeded to unlock the door to his apartment, with the video panning to show the sink placed just inches from the front door.

“And right next to the sink, conveniently located, the kitchen,” AJ continued as he showed the refrigerator and microwave placed next to the sink, as well as the one bowl and one plate he keeps in his home.

In AJ’s “living quarters,” he has a bunk bed, with the bottom bunk boasting a queen mattress while the top bed has only a twin mattress.

“Some nights I’m a queen guy while other nights I chill on the twin,” he explained, before showing the closet and concluding: “That’s the whole place.”

The video, which has been viewed more than 19.3m times, has sparked a range of horrified reactions, with many claiming the apartment is similar, or worse, than a college dorm room.

“I lowered my expectations, and still, they were too high,” one person commented, while another joked: “Harry Potter’s closet is bigger.”

Someone else added: “This is half a dorm room. Are you okay?”

Others found humour in the situation, especially AJ’s closet, with one viewer jokingly asking the New Yorker: “So, you got a closet in your closet?”

In addition to concerns about the small size of the apartment, the video also prompted numerous comments about the bathroom, or lack thereof.

“Bestie, where’s the bathroom,” one viewer wrote, with the comment receiving more than 278,000 likes.

Another wrote: “WHERE IS THE TOILET.”

The concerned responses prompted AJ to make a follow-up video, in which he confirmed that the apartment does not have a toilet, and that he is required to use a communal bathroom on the apartment floor.


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“First things first, there is no bathroom in the apartment,” he began the clip, adding: “It’s a community bathroom outside the door and down the hall.”

AJ then filmed himself slipping on a pair of orange slippers, which he called his “bathroom shoes,” before questioning whether he even wanted to show viewers the apartment’s bathroom.

After deciding to film the bathroom, he included the walk to the restroom, which saw him step over a pair of socks and a drop of what he claimed was blood on the floor.

AJ then opened another door to reveal a toilet and a small sink, with the New Yorker claiming that the restroom is “not so bad” and “kind of charming”.

“There isn’t any soap, however, and you do have to bring your own toilet paper,” he added.

The follow-up tour of AJ’s apartment has been viewed an additional 7m times, with viewers claiming that the bathroom confirmed the space is little more than a dorm room.

“This isn’t an apartment, it’s a dorm,” one person wrote, with another viewer writing: “Bestie, that’s worse than a dorm room, the dorms at least have one-ply [toilet paper].”

Someone else added: “I will never complain about my living situation ever again.”

The video also prompted viewers to question how much AJ pays for the apartment, which he has yet to reveal.

The Independent has contacted AJ for comment.

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