Man Hilariously Catches Wife Who ‘Gave Up Shopping’ for Lent at Target: ‘Cheating on the Lord’

Internet personality Kevin Cooney exposed his wife for breaking her lent rule in a video shared on TikTok Friday

<p>Kevin Cooney/Instagram</p> A Target in California.

Kevin Cooney/Instagram

A Target in California.

A husband caught his wife red-handed as she broke her no-shopping rule for Lent.

In a TikTok video posted on Friday, internet personality Kevin Cooney shared the moment he found out his wife Ashley was shopping in Target after vowing to give up the activity during the holy period.

“Out here cheating on the lord…@target please escort my wife out of all locations, she is a flight risk,” Cooney wrote in his caption.

In the clip, which has racked up 3.8 million views, Cooney explained, “So my wife gave up shopping for Lent, and I think she forgot that we share locations. I see she's inside of a Target, so let's go see what the hell's going on here."

<p>Kevin Cooney/Instagram</p> Kevin Cooney and wife Ashley.

Kevin Cooney/Instagram

Kevin Cooney and wife Ashley.

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“She’s gotta be around here,” he then said, while snooping around for his wife, before he found her looking at cushions in one of the aisles.

“What are we doing?” Cooney asked, confronting his wife. “What's … what are you?”

Ashley was then seen immediately dropping the cushions she was holding in shock as she asked her husband, “Why are you here?”

“Why are you here?” Cooney responded, before she jokingly replied, “Honey! I work here now.”

<p>Getty</p> A Target store in Texas.


A Target store in Texas.

The hilarious video, which was also posted on Instagram, garnered amused reactions from social media users in the comments section.

“Gave up shopping picked up lying 😂 😂,” one user wrote in response.

“The way she immediately dropped everything reminded me of the toys in Toy Story when Andy walks in 💀😅,” a second person added.

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Ashley, meanwhile, said in the comments section on Instagram, "Everyone thinks I’m out here spending your hard earned money yet here I am slaving away, sacrificing my Sundays for our family."

Other users also played along with Ashley's lie about working at Target, with one writing, “She obviously was putting things back people left in the wrong place … She’s working."

“I’m her coworker, I can vouch for her. She works in the pillows department,” another joked.

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