Man frustrated that girlfriend wants him to attend her boss’s wedding: ‘It goes with the territory’

A man is wondering if he was in the wrong when he refused to go to his girlfriend’s boss’s wedding with her.

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The man, who lives two hours away from his girlfriend and only sees her on weekends, took to Reddit’s “Am I the A**** (AITA)” forum to ask whether his refusal to join her at the weekend wedding was unfair.

In his post, he explained that he has been with his girlfriend for two years, but she recently started a job as a physiotherapist in another town. The man’s girlfriend now lives two hours away, and the couple only manages to see each other on weekends.

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“Recently, her new boss is getting married and invited my [girlfriend],” the man explained. “Since the wedding falls on a Saturday, my [girlfriend] thought I would be coming so she RSVP’d. I am kind of annoyed because I really don’t feel like going to a wedding where I literally don’t know a soul and she would know 3 people tops.”

The man told his girlfriend he would not be attending the wedding with her, and was surprised when this made his girlfriend upset.

“She got mad and said that I already was breaking my promise to her,” the man recalled. “I feel like I did not break any promise. I still kept the weekend free for her, like I told her. She is not obligated to attend the wedding and certainly can’t force me to go. I told her she can go if she wants to but that it will be without me. If she wants to spend time together she will not go.”

The man explained that his girlfriend is still upset that he won’t go to the wedding with her. “[She] brings it up anytime she can which drives me nuts,” he added.

While the man’s mother has sided with his girlfriend, his friends are encouraging him to stand his ground. Unsure of what to do, the man asked Reddit whether he was right to turn down the wedding invitation.

“I sympathize, but …”

For the most part, Redditors were in agreement that the man should have agreed to go to the wedding.

“You love her, and know that this is important and unavoidable for her. It’s not like she’s attending a wedding every week,” one Redditor commented.

“Sometimes having a girlfriend means attending weddings where you don’t know a lot of the people and would prefer not to attend,” another Redditor explained. “Just like she has to have dinner with your parents. I sympathize, but it goes with the territory.”

The overall opinion was that being in a committed relationship sometimes means doing things you don’t want to do for the person you love.

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