Man found in BMW with fatal stab wounds 'had crashed into parked cars'

A man found in a BMW after being fatally stabbed had crashed into parked cars, neighbours have said.

A murder investigation has been launched after the 29-year-old was attacked in Lewisham, southeast London, on Wednesday.

Emergency services attended the scene in Malyons Road at around 2pm, with the man found inside the grey BMW with stab wounds.

He was pronounced dead at the scene.

On Friday, the Met named the victim as Alex Josephs.

He was stabbed at the Ravensbourne River end of the road before driving around 30 metres in the direction of Ladywell Road, according to neighbours.

One woman, who has lived on the road for around 30 years and wished to remain anonymous, said: "He was stabbed down there then got into his car and drove up here and crashed into the cars.

"Police and paramedics pulled him out of his car, did what they needed to do but he died. It's sad, of course it is."

Another neighbour, who also asked not to be named, claimed a bike was crushed during the incident and appeared as if it had been thrown in front of the car in an attempt to stop it driving away.

She said: "We've never had an incident like this happen down here before, apparently it was all over a bike. I thought at first it was an accident and the man had a heart attack at the wheel."

She added that someone said there was a "crushed bike" at the top of the road.

Detective Chief Inspector Kate Kieran said the stabbing took place on a busy road in broad daylight and appealed for witnesses to come forward.

She said: "This was a shocking incident that took place on a busy street in the middle of the day.

"There were a large number of witnesses and I thank those people who have already taken the time to share what they saw.

"If you have footage or information but haven't yet spoken to police, please do get in touch.

"We are building a timeline of the events surrounding the murder and your information could be a missing detail in that picture."

She added that the victim's family is "reeling from the shock of losing their loved one in such a violent way".

Detective Chief Superintendent Trevor Lawry said the death will send "shock waves" through the community.

"It saddens me to see another life ended by knife crime in our city," he said.

"I know that this incident will send shock waves throughout our community."