Man faces backlash after sharing his 12-step guide for women: 'Wear pink' and 'listen to men'

Alexander J.A. Cortes tweeted a now-notorious list of ways “to be a Beautiful Woman,” including “wear pink,” “be thin” and “listen to men.” (Photo: Alexander J.A. Cortes via Twitter)

A man who calls himself a personal trainer, dancer, writer and motivational speaker has incited the wrath of men and women across the internet by tweeting a list of 12 ways to be a beautiful woman — including “be thin,” “be able to cook,” “shave,” “wear pink” and “listen to men.”

Alexander J.A. Cortes has developed a reputation as a misogynist with his frequently scathing and condescending Twitter critiques of women, as well as his guidelines to help other men “vet women” and to help women attract “masculine men.” The 29-year-old has also tweeted, “Remember, only a man can tell a woman how to act.”

Though Cortes has been offending people on social media for quite some time with his blunt opinions and controversial advice, it was his list titled “How to be a Beautiful Woman” that took Twitter by storm on Thursday. And it’s been a two-sided argument, with the long-haired former ballet dancer clapping back at people who challenge his views.

His advice regarding the naysayers is arguably even more harsh than his original tweet, calling women who are angered by his list “harpies that you never want to breed with” and saying they’d be “terrible mothers.”

Cortes continued to double down on his advice by suggesting that the women who rejected it simply have “excess bodyfat” that is causing “hormonal fluctuations that make you emotional.”

He even posted a selfie he was convinced would make him irresistible to women who criticized him.

Thousands of Twitter users have shared the post — and many are conflicted about whether Cortes’s account is meant as a parody or some kind of marketing scheme to get people to sign up for his newsletter. But most who flooded the comments section seem to think the man is completely earnest and genuine, and they’re not holding back on what they think about him and his “incredibly sexist” mentality.

Others took a stab at revising Cortes’s controversial list, coming up with their own tips for being and finding a beautiful woman — or for being an attractive man.

Cortes continued to respond to the backlash by dismissing the women who argued against his philosophy — even though men were also expressing outrage. He ignored the male critics and continued to heap advice on the “gentlemen” who would listen, warning them that women who don’t believe in wearing pink and obeying men are victims of “delusional feminism.”

The newsletter Cortes promotes promises to help “optimize your workouts, diet, mentality — and your life.” He tells women to contact him “to learn how to be beautiful.”

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