Man's destructive prank on wife leaves TikTokers enraged: 'This hurts to watch'

Morgan Greenwald
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TikTok user Kevin Kane loves to prank his wife and record his antics for his followers.

Most of the pranks are perfectly harmless, if not a bit annoying. For one prank, he melted down her brand new detox body bar to make her a suggestive candle. For another, he adorned her brand new underwear with an unsightly picture of a tampon and some blood.

Kane’s most divisive prank is also his most recent one. In one of his latest videos, he explained that since his wife had been “complaining about having to clean her makeup brushes,” he decided to surprise her by cleaning them — in the dishwasher.

Had Kane done a simple Google search before throwing his wife’s makeup brushes in the dishwasher, he would have seen that people who have tried this before have destroyed their brushes. And makeup brushes aren’t cheap: The Morphe brushes that Kane’s wife seems to be a fan of can retail for $78 for 20 brushes.

“Guys … how do I fix this in the next 20 minutes?” Kane asked after he opened the dishwasher and realized that all of his wife’s brushes were, predictably, ruined beyond repair.

TikTokers had some choice words for the prankster.

“Oh you woke up and chose death,” one person said.

“Was I the only one that gasped at this?” another added.

“This hurts to watch,” a third wrote.

“As sweet as this is just get her a gift card to Ulta … better yet just hand her the credit card,” a fourth suggested. “Good luck friend.”

Kane has been active on social media since the brush massacre, so at least we know his wife didn’t kill him.

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