Man Cancels Family Get-Together After Brother-in-Law Drives Over His Porsche with 'Huge Pickup'

"He looks right at my car, and as he's pulling in, he's still on his phone, and he hits my car," the man writes

A man is stirring conversation online after sharing that he canceled a family barbecue when his brother-in-law "ran over" his Porsche 911 while driving a large pickup truck.

In a post shared to Reddit, the man says that "in-laws, extended family" and close relatives were heading to his home for the event when his brother-in-law arrived in his pickup truck.



"I see them pull in right, and [brother-in-law] is the driver and he's on his phone," the person writes. "Because of that, he looks right at my car, and as he's pulling in, he's still on his phone, and he hits my car. I guess he thought he was a lot farther than he actually was."

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<p>Getty</p> Porsche 911


Porsche 911

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At that point, the poster writes, the 911 was "totaled" — and the other guests were starting to arrive.

"This is when people are just starting to show up too, and I'm basically steaming," the poster writes. "I was not in barbecue mood at the time, so I told everyone to take themselves and go home, and that it is canceled."

The day after the canceled barbecue, the poster writes that his wife was angry at him, "because some of her family drove 3-5 hours to come, just to be sent home on arrival."

Meanwhile, he writes that he is "still waiting on the insurance payout" for the $225,000 vehicle, which he says he only bought just last year — meaning it's not yet paid off.

In the comments section, the man adds that his brother-in-law's insurance "will not cover all" of the damage. "To get ... the correct amount, I'm going to have to sue him."

The man ends his post with a plea from other Reddit users, asking if he was in the wrong for sending guests home.

But by and large, commenters say the canceled barbecue is "the least of your worries."

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Others have offered a different view of the situation, arguing that the Porsche driver's attitude likely ruined everyone's day.

"I think it is understandable that you were not in 'bbq mood' but the event wasn't just for you and I can see how your wife is mad that you are sending away family members that had nothing to do with the car accident because of it," writes one commenter. "Did canceling the BBQ change anything in the process of what had to happen to report your car damaged and so on? Pretty sure it didn't. Did you have to ruin everyone else's day alongside yours? Probably not."

Another argued that the original poster should have asked the brother-in-law to leave, "or left himself if he was too upset, but telling everyone else, who had traveled to get there and see each other, to leave is kind of lousy."

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