Man calls out Citibank for offering $40 bonus to customers who deposit $10k into savings: ‘You can buy pizza’

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Man calls out Citibank for offering $40 bonus to customers who deposit $10k into savings: ‘You can buy pizza’

A man has jokingly called out promotional emails from Citibank after the bank offered customers who deposit more than $10,000 into a new savings account a $40 bonus.

Peter, a paediatrician who goes by the username @doctor.disney on TikTok, took to the platform to share his amusement over the offer in a video posted this week, in which he noted the bonus would be enough to buy a pizza.

In the clip, the doctor began by noting that the video was for “the person who works at Citibank who is in charge of sending the promotional emails”.

“My friend, I don’t know who is making you do this, but you gotta stop. You gotta stop,” Peter said. “It has to stop. I cannot… let’s just show you.”

The paediatrician then used his screen to show a screenshot of an email he’d just received from Citibank, which he said was sent with the subject: “Claim your bonus reward right now.”

“And it’s talking about how you should start a savings account with Citibank and I have laughed at this email several times. And it just came in again and I have to make a video about it,” he continued. Peter then showed the different tiers that Citibank said customers can deposit into a savings account, with the first option showing $10,000 to $29,999.

After noting that the email offers customers who deposit $10,000 to $29,999 a bonus, Peter asked his followers to guess the bonus amount offered.

“Can everyone just drop a guess how much your bonus will be for giving Citibank $30,000,” Peter continued while laughing. “They need to stop, this is unhinged.”

The video then saw Peter reveal the bonus offered by Citibank, with the TikToker giggling while adding: “For putting $10,000 to $30,000 dollars in Citibank’s pocket, your bonus is…drumroll… 40 bucks.”

“You can buy pizza,” Peter continued as he laughed hysterically, before adding: “Citibank, it’s not a good look my friend.”

As of Tuesday, Peter’s video has been viewed more than 354,000 times, with viewers also sharing their amusement over the bank’s offer in the comments.

“Ah yes I’ve finally saved enough money to earn a free tank of gas,” one person wrote, while another said: “I was lowballing at $100 and was shocked.”

According to someone else, the bank’s $40 bonus offer is “somehow even funnier than $0”.

“I bet they put the $40 in the chart and were confident people would appreciate it,” someone else suggested.

The video also prompted others to question how much someone who deposited $1m would receive, according to the Citibank email, with Peter revealing in the comments that the bank was offering a bonus of $3,500.

“$3,500, which when compared to $1,000,000…,” he wrote alongside a laughing emoji.

The Independent has contacted Citibank for comment.