Man becomes one of 15 people to recover from locked-in syndrome

Staff writer

A man has become one of only 15 people in the world to recover from locked-in syndrome.

Shaun Wilde, 44, was in a vegetative state for three months and could only communicate with family and doctors by blinking at a letter board.

He was unable to eat, drink or talk, but was still breathing and conscious as he was trapped in his frozen body after a blood clot in his brain stem caused a severe stroke.

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Locked-in syndrome affects around one per cent of stroke victims and around 90 per cent of sufferers die within four months.

But now, as one of only 15 people in the world to have recovered from the syndrome, Shaun can walk and talk - and has even returned to work.

He goes to the gym three mornings a week, has physio at home and has acupuncture to boost his energy.