Man accidentally sent group text to 13 women asking if they were single and it sums up dating in NYC

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A woman has shared the accidental text she and 13 others received from a man they matched with on dating app Bumble to sum up “dating in NYC”.

On Wednesday, the woman, who goes by the username @epiivp0 on Reddit, shared a screenshot to the NYC subreddit of a text that she received that read: “Hey stranger! We matched on Bumble last year but didn’t meet due to Covid.

“I just arrived back in the city and was wondering if you’re still single?! (British Will!)”

However, rather than send the text message to just her, the man in question accidentally sent it as a group text to 14 women.

The mistake prompted a response from one recipient, who wrote: “Ew did you just text 14 girls at once?” to which the Reddit poster wrote: “Hahah omg. Yes he did.”

Another recipient also expressed their disgust with Will’s mistake, before adding: “It’s hot girl summer,” while one woman changed the name of the group chat to “British Wills Angels.”

Despite his error, the man appeared relatively unperturbed by the incident, with the screenshot showing he’d responded: “Haha! Massive fail on my side.”

On Reddit, where the post was upvoted more than 600 times in just two hours, the post received mixed responses, with some people commiserated with the poster, while others wanted to know whether Will actually found success on dating apps by identifying himself as British.

“‘British Will’ Does that really work? Letting women know he’s a Brit,” one person asked, to which another Reddit user replied: “Accents are great replacements for a personality.”

Others encouraged the original poster and the other recipients of the text to meet up after the incident, or to set up dates with Will for the same night.

“All of you ladies should get together at a bar, hang out, take a group photo, and send it to him,” one user suggested, while someone else commented: “Quick, everyone schedule to meet with him on the same night and put the drinks on his tab.”

Another person questioned why the mistake happened at all, writing: “Wtf? Did he think this was like BCCing an email to a bunch of people? Gross.”

However, there were also those who applauded the poorly executed attempt, with one person commenting: “You miss 100 per cent of the shots you don’t take.”

As for the poster’s response to the incident, she joked in the comments that Will is “packing up his bags again”.

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