Man in his 70s extradited from Poland to Northern Ireland to stand trial on allegations of child sex offences

General image of handcuffs (public domain, CreativeCommons)
General image of handcuffs (public domain, CreativeCommons)

They didn’t name the man.

They said he was detained in Poland on August 29 on an extradition warrant issued in Northern Ireland.

As of today, he is back on NI soil.

He is due to appear before Dungannon Magistrates Court tomorrow (Wednesday, November 8).

Sergeant Davey from the International Policing Unit said: “This extradition is an example that shows our continued determination and commitment to work with international law enforcement partners to track down wanted persons and bring offenders before the courts here in Northern Ireland.

“We will continue to work with our partners and use all the tools available to return wanted persons.

"Our message is clear that PSNI will pursue fugitives outside the jurisdiction and work closely with our international partners to have them returned to face justice in Northern Ireland.”