Mamma Mia: I Have A Dream fans 'SHOCKED' by the judges' surprise decision

 Alan Carr Samantha Barks Amber Riley Jessie Ware.
Alan Carr Samantha Barks Amber Riley Jessie Ware.

Mamma Mia: I Have A Dream fans have expressed their 'shock' over tonight's elimination, which was the first in the series.

Mamma Mia! I Have a Dream returned to our screens tonight (Saturday 29th October) on ITV for the second episode of its first series and we saw Sophie hopefully Maddy sent home by the judges, much to the dismay of viewers of the ITV show.

'I'm shocked, Maddy was one of my favs. There was something very 'Sophie' about her performances,' wrote one viewer.

While another fan replied, 'Mine too.'

While another said, 'Wrong choice IMO to send Maddy home. She had more growth in her then Stevie in my view slight issues day before in the acting yes, but her voice was on another level to Stevie :('

The official account of Mamma Mia: I have A Dream wrote on the social media platform, 'She brought the sunshine to Corfu, but sadly for Maddy, her MAMMA MIA! dream is over Good luck @Maddyerzan, we know we'll be seeing you on stage again soon!'

To which fans of the show quickly replied, in protest, with another writing, 'I’m stunned. Maddy was a standout. Very confusing that she’s gone first. I’m hoping that as the pros love her she’ll get a job on the stage soon.'

While another said, 'Maddy you shouldn't have gone today. You were one of my favourites from the start. You will go far - believe it and you will find the right role for you.'

And another wrote, 'Not so sure this was the right decision tonight...Maddy was way above some...'

But not everyone disagreed, with another writing, 'Correct decision wasn’t great in workshop and gave a stand still performance when Stevie put on a show singing really difficult song.'

While another said, 'I don't understand the shock at that decision? She was by far the weakest.'

Mamma Mia: I Have a Dream continues on Sunday, November 5t at 6 pm on ITV1.