The new Maltesers party cake looks pretty fancy for just £10

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Photo credit: Maltesers
Photo credit: Maltesers

This newly launched Maltesers Party Cake is a fancy new relation of the humble but delicious Malteser tray cakes we all know and love. This looks less like it was picked up on the supermarket shelf and more like it was ordered from that Instagrammable bakery in the posh part of town.

Large piped dollops of ganache and rustic chocolate frosting allover give the light chocolate sponge cake that classy feel, while of course the traditional milk and white chocolate curls accompany the Malteser topping; a combo we've enjoyed for decades.

Photo credit: Maltesers
Photo credit: Maltesers

No one would guess you picked it up for £10 at Tesco.

The new Maltesers Party Cake serves up to 14 too, so plenty to go around at catch ups and gatherings now that we're allowed to see each other more.

There's nothing like a good chocolate cake, and coming from Maltesers? You know you aren't going to be let down.

We also recommend picking up a share bag with every purchase of this cake, it's the only way to resist plucking the chocolate malty balls of deliciousness off before your guests arrive!

The new Maltesers Party Cake is now available in Tesco stores nationwide priced at £10.

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