Malaysian McDonald's Have A Cookies And Cream Pie And We're So Jealous

Kelly Allen
Photo credit: Instagram

From Delish

McFlurrys are a beloved McDonald’s staple, as you all know and have enjoyed before. Alongside classics like the McFlurry, McDonald's has been rolling out new sweet options. The fast food chain’s holiday sprinkles pies popped up in some locations in America earlier this month. And now McDonald’s is expanding its pie capabilities to a cookies and cream flavour that's made with Oreos. We are here for it.

The pie has a crispy chocolate crust and a super gooey-looking filling. Unfortunately, as of right now, it seems this treat is only available in Malaysia. So... petition to expand its footprint? (Kidding! Kind of.) Hopefully you have a trip to Malaysia planned already. Otherwise, here's your reason to book a plane ticket.

People who have been lucky enough to try the pie say it’s best when hot, as many pies tend to be. An Instagrammer who gave a full review of their meal gave this pie an 8 out of 10. “My favourite Mcd Pie so far!” the Instagramer wrote. “Will repeat many times before its season ends."

Imagine the possibilities of serving this pie as a permanent menu item at McDonald’s locations all over the UK. They would be perfect for dipping in an Oreo McFlurry. Oreo McFlurrys can never, I repeat, never have too many Oreos in them. And if there simply isn’t enough in one, you could break this pie up and throw it in. What a concept!

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