This makeup artist has a hack for finding your perfect custom tinted brow gel shade

custom tinted brow gel
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Brow products usually have a relatively small shade range. The offering has expanded in recent years for sure, to include more than: fair, medium and dark. And credit where credit is due, there's been more attention paid to cool or warm tones. But still, it can be hard to find your perfect shade. And even if you do, is it in a formula that you like?

If you're having these struggles with brow gel in particular right now, and a clear brow sculpt just isn't enough for you, makeup artist Vincent Ford, has a super simple hack for creating your own custom tinted brow gel that matches your hair colour. And you probably already have everything you need in your makeup stash.

Instructing fans and followers to get their own favourite clear brow gel — mine is Schwarzkopf Got2B and if you haven't tried it, do — Vincent takes NYX The Brow Glue and puts a small amount on the back of his hand, then uses a separate spoolie brush to lift powder from a neutral eyeshadow chosen to match the models hair.

Blending the two together, which lets face it, is always a joy that reminds us of childhood potion making, he creates a custom tinted brow gel that "gives a natural fluffy brow look,".

The genius part is, one old eyeshadow palette could give you a dozen shades to try. You could use different ones for day or night, experiment with going a shade darker, play with warmth, all the while using your favourite formula gel.

If your brows are fair, you could even use this trick to play with colourful tinted brows.

But if you are going for neutral and natural, just make sure it's not a shade with shimmer or glitter. It may not look too sparkly in the pan, but when the sun hits your brows at the bus stop... don't say we didn't warn you.

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