Makeup artist flawlessly contours her boyfriend's face while he's sleeping

Note to self: Do not fall asleep around a hardcore makeup artist. Or maybe … do? Because you’ll really get your beauty rest. That’s what happened to Nael Awad when he fell asleep last week while his makeup artist girlfriend, Brittny Curiel, remained awake.

Curiel posted a video on Instagram last week of her boyfriend sleeping soundly. While he catches a few winks, she proceeds to give him a full-face makeover, and he sleeps through the whole thing. Even the contour stick!

“My caption for this is #DONTFALLASLEEPAROUNDME,” Curiel warned. The multitalented salon owner and hairstylist starts with a layer of concealer, then shapes his brows, contours his face (even his nose!), does intricate eye makeup (including mascara), and finishes with blush and pink lipstick.

The final product is actually beautiful. His cheekbones are perfectly shaded, his lashes are longer than before, his skin is even, and his brows are dark but not fake looking. When she’s done, she takes a few photos of her masterpiece and proceeds to wake him up on camera. When he doesn’t budge — clearly he’s a deep sleeper — she tries to rouse him with the offer to get food. Finally he comes to, notices the camera, and looks legitimately frightened. She gives him a mirror, while laughing, and he takes in his face, trying to figure out who the person is in the reflection. His furrowed — yet still stunning — brows almost make you feel bad for the makeup victim. But as long as none of it’s waterproof, it was worth it.

Curiel’s 21.6K followers agree. The video has been viewed over 2 million times, and has over 73K likes and almost 3K comments. Some women are warning their SOs not to fall asleep on them or this might happen. Others love his reaction. “He was like wait I’m a bad bitch,” one follower wrote. “The caption should OBVIOUSLY be ‘Sleeping beauty,’ someone else suggested. “At least he know he woke up like that,” said a third.

“Who remembers me doing my boyfriends makeup while he was sleeping (he’s finally letting me post this but he’s not going to ever let this go lolllll,” Curiel captioned another clip. Would your boyfriend let you do his makeup? Mine wouldn’t in a million years, so I had to catch him slippin, his reaction was priceless.”


She posted a photo of the finished product, with the caption, “My boyfriends face is the perfect canvas, but now he sleeps with one eye open One thing I wanted to do soooo bad was a fierce winged liner but I wasn’t about to try to pull that off and mess it all up hahaha!”

Next time.

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