Makar has accident with drone during video shoot in practice

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A drone came very close to tipping the balance of the Stanley Cup final on Friday.

During the Colorado Avalanche’s morning practice, star defenseman Cale Makar had a minor run-in with a drone while he and a production team were doing some filming for promotional content.

TSN’s Ryan Rishaug provided footage of Makar getting ready to film his impressive puck-handling maneuvers with the help of a drone catching his every move. However, before he got a chance to jump on the ice for the sequence, Makar was accidentally hit by the drone, which fell to the floor. The 23-year-old looked down at the device, hoping he didn't doom the video shoot.

Makar was not injured during the incident and laughed it off. The drone was fixed and set up for the shoot, in which Makar showed off his signature smooth stride as he skated around his teammates who had hit the ice for practice.

Makar may have come out of the sequence unscathed, but there is a history of accidents between professional athletes and drones.

In 2016, former MLB pitcher Trevor Bauer sliced his right pinky finger while repairing a drone, which he was known to enjoy operating as a hobby. Only a few days later, Bauer pitched in Game 3 of the ALCS between the Cleveland (formerly) Indians and Toronto Blue Jays, but had to be removed from the mound in just the first inning because the 10 stitches on his finger split, leaving the wound open and blood running down his pitching hand.

Luckily for Makar and the Avalanche, the incident will not prevent the All-Star defenseman from patrolling the blue line Game 2 of the Stanley Cup final on Saturday night in Denver. The Avalanche will look to back the Lightning in a corner with a second win in the series before it heads to Tampa Bay.

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