Majed By Alexa Chung! Meet The Winners Styled By The Fashion Icon: EXCLUSIVE

Majed By Alexa Chung: Meet The Winners Styled By The Fashion Icon: EXCLUSIVE

Who wouldn't want to be styled by Alexa Chung? That was the question we asked ourselves when news reached Grazia Towers that the award-winning icon was launching an international style contest in December. As Maje's campaign face, our Chungers went on the hunt for three ladies to be styled by her fair hand - and today, the results are in! Yes, Alexa selected, styled and directed the finalists in pieces from the French label's Spring Summer 2013 collection. So who are the lucky winners? Ladies and gents, meet...

Cynthia from Paris

She's the true embodiment of a 25-year-old Parisian. A music enthusiast, she works in a digital communication agency and was chosen by Alexa for her Françoise Hardy-esque dreamy look.

Katerina from New York

This 20-year-old, the U.S. winner, is a sophomore in college, majoring in professional communications which includes graphic design and photography. A true lover of the American music festivals, she dedicates most of her spare time creating something new whether it be flower crowns or reinventing a new pair of shoes.

Parisa from London

She lives in London where she just finished recording her first EP at the age of 22. When she’s not focused on her music, Parisa works with a promotional agency. Cheerful, creative and impulsive, it was her obsession with the '60s, common to Maje and Alexa, which drew her to enter the contest.

The three girls were trussed up Alexa-style for a photo shoot held in the star's stomping ground, New York City, last month. Watch the behind-the-scenes action from the shoot below...

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