Maggie Smith reveals how Julie Andrews once 'rescued her'

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Maggie Smith says Julie Andrews "rescued" her when she found herself cash-strapped in New York during her debut stint on Broadway.

The Sound of Music star, who was appearing in the musical My Fair Lady at the time, discovered fellow Brit Maggie was struggling financially during her run in the New Faces Of '56 revue at the Ethel Barrymore Theatre and quickly stepped in.

"I wasn't really paid very much," Maggie told Gyles Brandreth during a recent Fane online event. "In fact, I think it was $16 a week... And I had been booked into a hotel which of course I could not pay for. But I was rescued by Julie Andrews."

Downton Abbey actress Maggie says Julie found her crying in an elevator at the hotel where they were both staying and kindly took the young actress under her wing

"I had been put in this hotel and Julie was there with (set and costume designer) Tony Walton. I was going up in the elevator and weeping, which is what I did all the time because I was in such distress about the whole thing," Maggie, 86, recalled. "They saw that I was weeping and in a terrible state and they asked me to have tea with them, which I did.

"Then Julie's agent rescued me. I didn't realise that I would have to pay (labour union) Equity and my agent and my London agent."