MAFSAU's Lyndall claims she met Cam's new girlfriend during filming

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Married At First Sight Australia's Lyndall Grace has claimed she had previously met ex-Cameron Wood's new girlfriend whilst filming the show during homestay week.

Earlier this week Cam confirmed his new relationship following his time on MAFS Australia and shared pictures of his new girlfriend on his Instagram account. He told 9Entertainment he hadn't informed Lyndall of his new relationship, but hoped she would be "happy" for him.

The news of his relationship was shared by various news sites, including the Daily Mail Australia. Underneath the Daily Mail Australia piece on Facebook, the Daily Mail has reported Lyndall commented she had met Cam's new girlfriend whilst filming for the homestays.

She said [as reported by the Daily Mail]: "F**ken hell. I literally met her at homestays. Literally what the f**k!"

It's been reported Cam introduced his new girlfriend to Lyndall at the time as his "friend".

Cam has since defended his new relationship, telling the Daily Mail Australia he never claimed to have met her after the series ended.

"I never said [we first met] after the show... I met her the year before and we had a thing, but that's all it was," he said.

Cam also added following filming of MAFSAU, he had a "clearer vision" of what he wanted from a partner and his new girlfriend "ticked all those boxes".

Lyndall and Cam were the first couple married in the experiment, which has finished airing in Australia, but is in its final few weeks in the UK on E4.

Whilst the couple got off to a good start, enjoying their wedding day and honeymoon, they soon ran into problems when they arrived back in Sydney.

Cam, who is from Darwin, found it difficult living in a small apartment and the pair varied on their expectations of affection in a relationship.

In the more recent episodes of Married At First Sight Australia Cam revealed to Lyndall because of his work he could be working away from home for up to months at a time, leaving Lyndall shocked and hurt.

And in the current episodes airing in the UK Lyndall and Cameron have headed back to Darwin for a home visit, where they also faced difficulties in their relationship.

mafs australia lyndall claims she met cam's new girlfriend during filming

Spoiler alert! At the final vow ceremony the couple decided not to progress with their relationship outside of the experiment, with Lyndall rather savagely telling Cameron: "Stay in your lane and I will stay in mine. I want to build a life I’m proud of, and that life does not include you." Ouch.

Clearly Cam has taken Lyndall's words to heart, and moved on from their relationship, and now appears happy with new girlfriend Cheyanne.

Here's hoping both parties are doing OK following their time on the show.

Cosmopolitan UK has reached out to Cam for comment.

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