MAFSA's Lizzie hits back at Sam's claims the show is fake, insisting his affair was real

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Photo credit: Channel 4/Nine Productions
Photo credit: Channel 4/Nine Productions

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Married At First Sight Australia's Lizzie Sobinoff has hit back at Sam Ball's claims his affair with Ines Basic was fake.

What with Bridgerton coming to an end and MAFSA having approximately 40 episodes (yep) it's basically all we're watching right now. The sixth series in particular has grabbed our attention, thanks to the dramatic scenes that unfold between Lizzie, Sam and Ines.

Ines is initially paired with Bronson Norrish, while Sam and Lizzie are put together. But when Sam and Ines both find themselves unhappy in their marriages, they decide to hook up secretly.

Since the show aired, though, Sam has taken to Instagram Stories to allege producers egged the affair on, and the whole thing was set up. He told followers, "[The producers] pulled me into a dark room, a black room, and asked me to do the Ines thing. They set that up. They made Ines DM me on the phone, that was all staged."

He continued, "I throw her on the bed on that date night, not even five seconds later, the producers come in and de-mic you. I didn鈥檛 sleep with Ines that night, that didn鈥檛 happen. I didn鈥檛 sleep with anyone on the show."

Having seen Sam's claims, though, Lizzie has hit back on her own Instagram profile, slamming him for suggesting the affair wasn't real. "Bullsh*t. Own your sh*t and don't go in the media and say I gave you PTSD," she wrote (via MailOnline).

"Also there's footage of how you thought it was funny to torment me and then say I was lovely. Liar from the get go. Lied throughout filming. Lied after filming. Keep ya story straight. Also, newsflash I wasn't aware of the hooking up behind my back."

She added, "You also declaring I was crazy, or delusional #gaslighter. That's what I think."

This definitely wasn't a match made in heaven.

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