MAFSA cast had to phone producers if they were having an argument

Dusty Baxter-Wright
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If you've ever wondered how Married At First Sight Australia is quite so dramatic, one of season seven's contestants just revealed the sneaky way producers catch everything on camera.

As well as guaranteeing gossiping at the dinner parties, the MAFSA production team apparently try to make the couples hold off on having any intense conversations in the evenings or when the cameras weren't around.

Michael Brunelli, who was married to Martha Kalifatidis (and still is!) during the experiment has revealed some behind the scenes secrets during a TikTok Q&A.

"One of the weirdest things when we were on MAFS was that they didn’t film all day, so when the camera crew left [at night], they told us, ‘Don’t learn anything about each other, don’t really talk to each other because it needs to be on camera’," he revealed.

The contestant went on to explain that if anything did happen while they weren't there, producers asked if they would pause the drama in order for the camera to catch what's going on.

“If you have a fight, you need to stop mid-fight, call the producer so they can bring the camera and can start recording…" he alleged. "Then you’ve got to keep going with the fight.."

He added, "We broke that rule and drove our producer crazy."

The sixth series of Married at First Sight Australia was filmed back in December 2018, and Martha and Michael appear to be one of the only successful couples left from the experiment.

The pair regularly shared content together on social media, and seemed happy as ever on the recent reunion episode. Cute!

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